• What are our views?

We believe that the magical creatures in the muggle world like cats, dogs, pigs, cows, and snakes are no different than the Pygmy Puffs, dragons, and House-Elves we have grown to love so dearly. Just as Hermione fought the enslavement of House-Elves, we fight for creatures in the muggle world to be able to live a life free of abuse and exploitation.

  • Your slogan is “Breaking the Silencing Charm.What does that mean?
    Fwoopers are sold with a Silencing Charm because their song is so powerful. We believe that animals have a voice. They can communicate, scream, and be excited, but we have been taught that these creatures have no voice when in fact we just ignore it. Breaking the Silencing Charm is an expression of what our group is trying to do—break down the wall that we have put up between ourselves and animals.

  • What do you think about live animal acts?
    We do not support animals being used for the entertainment of wizards, witches, muggles and squibs. Animals who are forced to perform in circuses, marine parks, and Triwizard Tournaments are often beaten into submission, have food withheld, or are jinxed into performing these cruel and otherwise completely unnatural acts all for our amusement. We advocate attending non-animal, human-based entertainment like Cirque du Soleil, circuses that do not use animals, or the Quidditch World Cup.

  • Are you against having pets?
    No way! We love our creature companions, but we do want the best for them. We fully supported Newt Scamander’s Ban on Experimental Breeding in 1965. Cats and dogs are bred so frequently that there are just not enough good homes for them all and because of this, we support spaying and neutering and always adopting—never buying animals.

  • What are your views regarding using animal skins for clothing?
    We believe that since we have so many durable, high-quality alternatives to leather, wool, and fur, wearing the skin of a cow, dragon, or snake is completely unnecessary. Magical creatures and other animals who are skinned for their pelts or hide often have been found to still be alive during the skinning process. Luckily, wizards and witches can find skins-free clothing at all of your favorite stores--just check the label!

  • What about the animals I eat?
    Luckily for students at Hogwarts, the fairly paid House-Elves are able to cater to vegetarian and vegan wizards and witches. With the muggle United Nations citing the consumption of animal products as one of the major causes of environmental degradation, choosing to eat fewer animal products can lessen your impact on the environment. If your broom just doesn't fly as high as it used to, it may be because of eating animal products. The American Dietary Association has said that eating less animal products makes you less likely to be obese. All of your favorite foods have a tasty, animal-free alternative that can be found at any local grocery store!

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